Why Choose WOYO

    Why choose WOYO:
    500+ real stores in Europe and America are selling WOYO products.

    Product, Price, Place, Promotion -Philip Kotler                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The classic 4P theory makes it easier for you to know about a company.                                                                                                                                                                                Any business can't be separated from the operation of 4P framework. How do we operate? Maybe that's the secret how we operate. Even if our competitors see it, we don’t mind sharing it, competition makes us stronger.

    Everything should start with a good product.If the product without differentiation, distributors will lose the pricing power, channel unable to convince the distributor, and the marketing has no difference point of publicity.

    2.Price:Rate of Return
    Abandon the supplier which unable to make profits for distributors.                                                                                                                                                                                       2.1Cost Control
    Our cost control is not to choose a cheaper raw material.
    When we pursue excellent product performance, using a more flexible reserve mechanism to counteract the risk of rising raw materials.
    The most classic case of cost control we used is the chip crisis is in 2021, which is the chip price boom and out of stock.
    The 18-month inventory reserve mechanism we made in 2016 plays an important role for preventing the shortage of stocks and cost increases transfer to distributors and endings.
    Therefore, do not evaluate a manufacturer during economic stabilization period, but when the economy fluctuates greatly, see how it controls risks;                                        2.2Rate of Return
    When any distributor add a new product, the final evaluation goal is the return on investment.
    Not only we reduce the price fluctuation of raw materials at the end chain of supply, but also improve the pricing power for distributors. The pricing power also can help distributors get more buffer space when launcing a sales promotion.
    In the same product category, we believe that WOYO must be a good partner who make comprehensive consideration for the return on investment of distributors;

    3. Place:Protection
    3.1 Real stores exclusive access to the latest models.
    The network is open, overexposure will speed up the death of a product.
    We prefer to keep the secret for distributors.
    For example, WOYO latest product model will not be exposed on our website, as the latest model only for offline distributors.
    3.2 Reasonable distribution network arrangement, refuse vicious competition.
    We will control the number of distributors in a region at a reasonable range, to avoid vicious competition in the region.
    Welcome to email us, if you come from our blank area, that will be a huge opportunity for both sides of us.

    4.Promotion: Innovation
    At the beginning of the establishment of company, in order to echo that we are a product-driven company, we named it WOYO.
    The origin of this name is that no matter anyone in any area of the world will let out a “woah” or a “yo” sound when discovery a good product. It's an instinctive reaction when seeing a good product.
    The core of our marketing is product innovation, without a good product, any marketing is a waste of resources.
    Of course, this doesn't mean that the distributor must sell WOYO brand product.
    We provide a complete set of OEM solutions.
    Welcome to email us.